Pigment Dispersions Color Chart

Pigment Dispersion + Binder = paint

Paint + Thickener #1 = very thick paint

At Guerra Paint & Pigment, it is our belief that the highest quality paints are made from the highest quality components. It is our mission to provide paint component systems that have the greatest quality and flexibility to fully realize the phenomenal potential of Paintmaking

A Letter From Art Guerra

    The best kept secret of artist paint manufacturing is the pigment concentrate, aka pigment dispersion. It is used by industrial paint manufacturers as an instant way of coloring paint bases. I discovered how potent these paint bases were when I was working as a muralist in New York City. Originally, the sign painter's paint I was using was of such a low quality that I began researching alternatives. The system I adopted included an exterior paint base and about 12 pigment concentrates. The reaction I would get at the mural site was phenomenal! Crowds of people gathered as I mixed the industrial strength pigment concentrates into the base, and soon I discovered a broader palette of textures and a growing range of pigment concentrates while working alone in my art studio.

    I began studying how to make pigment dispersions myself, with the sole intention of being able to disperse every pigment I came into contact with. By studying the characteristics of contemporary pigments, I became immersed in a world of incredible colors and textures that would greatly benefit any artist; powerful binders, beautiful texture making materials, paint additives, metallics, pearlescents, glitters, etc.

    Since 1984, Guerra Paint & Pigment has been committed to providing paint making materials of the highest quality that will create new and exciting possibilities, while providing technical help and general assistance in getting the most out of the materials.

An audio interview with Art Guerra at WNYC.

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